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Our quality premium photo printing is produced by a number of photographic printing international technologies. Quality, clarity, and colour are vital in any fine art reproduction. We know our craft and our colour management is your assurance of highest quality printing results. We achieve exhibition-quality reproduction and consistency using the highest level of colour linearization management available. We have proudly partnered with some of the Australia’s leading professional photo labs as well as world leading “Made in Italy” company GraphiStudio dedicated only to selectively approved professional photographers making stunning album books available to you.

“When a product enters into people lives and remains there to fulfil a small, but unforgettable role in their story, it means it was done with dedication and love. We like to think that if so, many couples trusted us, that’s because we as well are a family.” GraphiStudio


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Album Book


Our flagship book and box combined into a beautiful design is the most popular product in our range. It is fully customisable and exclusively hand-made in Europe, Italy by GraphiStudio. The highest level of exclusivity thanks to innovations such as thick pages, original cover box, colour overprinting with raised varnishing and sateen ribbon. This high-quality book is ideal for newborn, children, family, maternity and much more. Smaller size could be a perfect present for grandparents, relatives or friends.


Prices: : $380  -  8x8" 
                     $450  -  9,5x9,5"  


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Boxed Framed Canvas Prints


Framed canvas prints are a modern take on original classic canvas prints. 


450gsm US-made archival canvas printed with beautiful archival pigment inks.

Hand-cut, double-profile hardwood frames for the canvas print.

Choose between three beautiful slim-line frames – black, oak and white.

Beautifully taped and finished with professional grade hanging attachments.

Satin laminate on all prints to provide UV and handling protection.

Available in any size between 11″x14″  and 1.4m x 3m (canvas size).

Pricing examples : 

$180 - 12x12"

$230 - 12x18"

$340 - 16x24"

$480 - 20x30"


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DSC_2651-EditDSC_2651-Edit DSC_2616-EditDSC_2616-Edit



Chromaluxe Metal Prints


Chromaluxe metal prints pop off the wall with amazing colour and clarity. If you love vibrant colours and gloss, they will be perfect for your work!
The finished product is amazingly sharp and will perfectly showcase your work. It is backed with an easy aluminium hanging system that can be easily paired with hooks, screws or virtually any 3M product.


Sizes: available in any size from 8″x10″ to 60″x40″ also available in circles and hexagons for an entirely unique look

Pricing examples : 

$96 - 10x10"

$104 - 10x12"

$168 - 14x16"

$498 - 24x34"


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Folio Box


Simplicity has always been the best way to obtain pure elegance. Not only does the Folio Box offer this, you’ll also appreciate the clean perfect lines, elegant style and an exceptional quality.
The Folio box offers endless combinations of materials and colours: classic, informal or expressive. Folio Box is a choice of good taste and balance.
A story inside a box. The biggest advantage of Folio Box is that it can hold a minimum of 10 mats, so you can always change your mats every day. Perfect present for your close family members.

Sizes: -  8x10”

            -  11x14”

The Folio Box is produced to hold 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 mats

Price:    $475   -   large folio box 11x14”, including 10x mats (11x14”) holding 10x prints (8x12”)


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Beautiful inexpensive present for your relatives. Your prints will stand out and have artistic charm with our specialty mats. Each mat will add a touch of style, sophistication and will enhance your prints. Our mats our produced with the highest quality and detail to precision. The high-quality art mats are paired “counter fibre” to ensure their longevity.


Prices:    $20  -  8x10” opening for 5x7”print

                   $40  -  11x14” opening for 8x12”print


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Wood Panel Prints


Your beautiful photographic print will be mount onto a 20mm raw dark-edged marine grade SCS certified timber panel (strong enough to resist moisture and humidity). Then it’s finished off with a matte optically clear laminate for extra protection and a beautifully soft finish.

The print comes with a clever routed groove on the back to allow easy wall hanging.


Available in any size square, rectangle or round from 8″ x 10″ to 1.2m x 2.4m

Available with three edge-finishes (square edge, rounded edge, circle prints)

Moisture resistant and long-lasting


Example prices:  round or square  -  $180  -  12”(square 12x12”)  

                                                            $220  -  14”(square 14x14”)

                                                            $280  -  16”(square 16x16”)

                                                                                                rectangle  -  $200   -  12x18”

                                        $280   -  16x24”

                                         $350   -  20x30” 



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Fairy light Package


This stunning package is perfect for those special images. The battery powered (or plug in) LED lights gently frame your image. Beautiful silver wire LED lights fitted inside frame with battery pack on the back, batteries included.


Price:    $180  -  11x11” opening for 8x8” print



DSC_4692-Edit-EditDSC_4692-Edit-Edit DSC_4726-EditDSC_4726-Edit


Wooden Matted Photo Frames


Our wooden photo frames are made of timber, that are carefully handcrafted using the finest materials and with an eye for detail, design and beauty. That is what makes our photo frames so unique. Our lab proudly offers a lifetime guarantee on all of their photo frames as they are confident, they will stand the test of time. You can rest assured when purchasing a quality photo frame that your treasured memories will be showcased in style and protected forever.

Our Matted Collection of wooden picture frames are supplied with a matboard (acid-free, lignin-free and completely photo-safe) which adds a border to your photo or image to enhance and compliment the photo.

Sizes: from 6x8” (holds 4x6” print) to 16x20” (holds 11x14”print)

white or black frames

Example Prices:   $120  -  10x12” opening for 6x8” print (included)

                                 $140  -   12x16” opening for 8x12” print (included)

                                   $160  -   16x20” opening for 11x14” print (included)


DSC_4698-EditDSC_4698-Edit DSC_4631-EditDSC_4631-Edit


Ornate Picture Frames


The best of the best gives you elegance at its finest. These collections of ornate picture frames feature our top sellers that have been impressing our customers. With a variety of lavish styles in silver and gold, there are many of ornate frame choices that will crown your masterpiece in upscale style. Ornate frames add elegance and beauty to artworks, prints and photos, if you’re a traditionalist at heart, this classic picture frame brings a touch of time-honoured style to your home


Prices:    $100   -   8x10” opening for 5x7” print (included)

                   $150   -   12x16” opening for 8x12” print (included)

                     $200   -   20x24” opening for 12x16” print (included)


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Photo Prints (loose)


The Lambda printer is the benchmark for quality in digital printing. In producing digital prints onto light sensitive papers using lasers, all Lambda prints are chemically processed.
Our Lambda prints all share excellent skin tone reproduction, deep rich colours and excellent shadow detail. We only use the finest papers available from Fuji and Kodak and all papers are rated as archival.


Paper Types: Fuji Lustre, Fuji Pearl, Fine Art




Fuji Lustre

Our most popular paper finish and the best all-rounder, Fuji lustre has a semi-gloss satin finish which is more forgiving of fingerprints. Rich colour reproduction, great skin tones and deep blacks have made this the natural choice for many clients.

Sizes: from 5x3,5” to 12x18”

Prices:       $5 - 5x7”, $7- 6x8” , $15 – 8x12”, $25 – 11x14”


Fuji Pearl

Fuji Pearl paper is our metallic gloss lambda paper. An imperceptible extra layer above the print dyes causes iridescence which adds an extra dimension to both colour and black and white images, particularly visible in highlights and in reflections on the paper surface.

Sizes: from 8x12” to 20x30”

Prices:      $30 – 8x12”, $48 – 11x14”, $100 – 16x20”, $184 – 20x30”


Fine Art Paper

Our Fine Art paper is our flagship inkjet stock and is a heavily textured paper with no compromise on sharpness. The tone is a pleasant warm shade designed for fine art reproduction, which also makes it ideal for weddings, portraiture or graphic illustration.

Sizes: from 8x12” to 20x30”

Prices:     $25 - 8x12”, $40 11x14”, $84 – 16x20”, $156 – 20x30”  






Gatorboard is a lightweight board which is strong and resists bowing. It has a polyfoam core, but the facing material is melamine impregnated to give it a hard surface. Gatorboards are much stronger than ordinary Foamboards and less prone to bowing making them the board of choice for large works, longer term applications and as a premium backing in frames. We supply Gatorboards in 5, 10 and 20 mm. The 10 and 20 mm comes with a black or white edging as a finish. Also, ready to hang

Sizes: from A4 to A0

Example Prices:    $150 – 12x16”

                                $208 – 16x20”

                                 $340 – 20x30” 


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Canvas RTH (Ready to Hang)


Printed with the world’s finest genuine HDR Ultra chrome inks and media onto prepared canvas and 100% cotton fine art paper.

High-res printing with Ultra Chrome K3 pigment inks with life expectance of over 75 years.
Printing on the world’s finest media including 100% cotton canvas
Lamination for protection & durability
Framing with quality 1.18″ (30mm) stretcher bars from regrowth timber.
Comes with wire hanger

Sizes: from 10x10” to 40x60” square and rectangle available

Example prices:    $184 A3 (16x11”)

                                $296 A2 (24x16”)

                                $460 A1 (34x24”)


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Birth Announcements


Perfect way of sharing the arrival of your beautiful baby is to send a custom personalised birth announcement to family, friends, and those in your immediate circle.

The exact timing for sending announcements depends on your schedule. You've just welcomed a new baby into your home, so friends and family will understand that you're too busy to send them right away.

There's no official cut-off time to send an announcement, so don't stress if a few months have passed. This is a happy occasion; it shouldn't be made miserable by feeling obligated to get announcements out by a deadline. Your baby arrived on its own timeline, so feel free to send announcements on your own timeline, too.

Etiquette states that you have up to six months after the baby is born to send out your formal announcements.

Price:    $100  -  A6 (45x custom designed birth announcements)





Sizing visual examples


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*please note minimum order is $50