For the mums when the newborn's safety is important!

What makes us different? Like you, we care about the safety because:

· Unlike most of other newborn photographers, we are a team of two people providing a safe environment for your baby and never leave them unattended. Setting up the composition with a newborn is a difficult task requiring a special skill of constantly using our hands to make sure the baby is safe and comfortable. While one of us is taking photographs, the other one is just next to the newborn, making sure the baby is 100% safe to prevent the baby from rolling off!

· Being two times parents has given us a proper experience and confidence how to handle fragile babies.

· We are constantly studying newborn's different behaviours to understand their needs when unsettled. 

· We have completed 300+ newborn sessions.  

· We have invested in the latest hi-tech equipment, insurance and professional training to make sure your baby stays safe.

· Your baby’s comfort and safety is far more important than achieving a pretty pose